Group Introduction

     WAYLI  originated from WAYLI INTERNATIONAL LLC in United States. In 2010, we committed to provide operation services on e-commerce platforms that connect China and the United States. With our leading cross-border e-commerce teams that work with high-rank merchants. We Integrated the ecological supply chain of cross-border e-commerce and open upstream and downstream for all brands, it is the preferred partner for traditional factory/trade business /brand owners to deploy new overseas e-commerce channels.
Service Advantage
Working in cross-border e-commerce industry
For the traditional foreign trade brand enterprise Provide in-depth channel services
Recommend high-quality overseas buyers for cooperative enterprises
Match online transaction volume
Cooperation Process
Customer demand communication
Introduction to the launch strategy
Reach a cooperation intention
Business process
Put into
Effect summary
Project renewal
WAYLI strategic partner
Amazon VC, Walmart SV, US supermarket entry, premium account, cross-border e-commerce operation services