This special line is different from the traditional freight forwarding line on the market. It is only for the designated cooperative supermarkets of Mason, such as Walmart, Costco, Best buy, Home depot, Target and other five exclusive lines of supermarkets. The ports are the exclusive ports of independent large supermarkets in the United States. The customs clearance and delivery is carried out by the designated cooperative agent of the supermarket in the United States. All relevant regulations must be in accordance with the requirements of the supermarket. Since the information required by each supermarket is different, it should be added or simplified according to the actual situation.
Private Line Advantages
Information required for forecasting sailing schedule
Packing List
Product list ( ID+picture+name+FOB Shanghai price)
Account manager's email with all information ready
7 pictures of the product that match the specific presentation
If you have used the US company of your account for customs clearance before, you need to provide the last customs clearance document and customs certificate
If you use the US company of your own account to register this DSV or 1P account or offline supplier, you need to submit the W9 and 1099 documents of the US company