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World Cup: Another "Highlight Moment" Made in China

Issuing time:2022-12-27 18:30


Among the 14 sponsors of this World Cup, Hisense, Wanda, Mengniu and Vivo, the Chinese enterprises, have four exclusive seats. Chinese advertisements are all over this most valuable arena. From the Chinese logo of "Wanda Culture and Tourism" and "Mengniu" to the discussion of Hisense's "China's First World Second", there is no doubt that brand sponsorship in top football matches has already changed owners.

The strong participation of the "China Team" is a microcosm of the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry and the growing comprehensive competitiveness, behind which is the improvement of China's brand strength and cultural confidence.

At the scene of the match between England and Wales at 3:00 a.m. on the 29th, Hisense's new enclosure advertisement again attracted attention. "Made in China to work together" responded to the "China is the first and the second in the world", which caused the domestic hot debate in the early stage. So far, a new perspective has been opened, from the rise of a Chinese brand to a strong voice for the entire Chinese manufacturing industry, from emphasizing the strength of individuals to focusing on industrial groups. "Made in China" ushers in another highlight moment.

Behind the Controversial Advertisement Is The Fact

According to the monitoring data of global TV brands from January to October 2022 released by the data agency AVC Revo, Hisense TV's global shipment from January to October 2022 reached 19.6 million units, an increase of 18% year on year, ranking second in the world. This is the first time that the cumulative annual shipment of Chinese TV brands has entered the second place in the world. This is the proof that Hisense submitted to FIFA and obtained approval for blocking advertisements, and it is also Hisense's confidence to play "China's first and the second in the world".

It has been able to "win the first place" among many excellent domestic brands thanks to Hisense's extensive product research and development over the years and its unique differentiated technical advantages to build the core competitiveness of the brand. In September this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference. Looking back on the achievements made in the development of China's new generation information technology industry in the past decade, it particularly "named" two innovative achievements in the television field - the world's first stacked screen TV and the world's first curly screen 8K laser TV. These two global breakthrough innovations were independently developed by Hisense, representing the display capability and manufacturing level of Chinese TV brands.

Support for China's Manufacturing Industry

By 2022, the proportion of Chinese manufacturing in the world will be 30%, the added value of Chinese manufacturing will be the first in the world for 12 consecutive years, and the output of more than 40% of the world's 500 major industrial products will rank the first in the world.

This is the result of the sweat and spirit of the Chinese people, and it is also a proof of the progress of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. With the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform deepening, facing the Made in China 2025 and the future world competition, China's manufacturing industry is constantly moving towards the high-end of the global value chain, which needs to be driven by a number of world leading high-quality enterprises and the subtle cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

At a time when Chinese TV brands are under constant pressure due to epidemic and other factors, according to the monitoring data released by Ovirovo, Hisense TV has been growing against the trend since March this year, with overseas shipments growing for eight consecutive months, including 13% year-on-year growth from January to October.

Hisense, as the representative of Made in China, is demonstrating the "high light moment" and strong strength of Chinese brands to the world. For the head Chinese national enterprises, they must have the confidence to fight for "the first place in the world". Perhaps the best explanation is to leave more competitive products to the global market and consumers for inspection, leaving them to the public to interpret.

In the 112320 second roadside ads of Hisense's four top competitions in six years, Chinese characters shone for 51200 seconds, and "China" appeared 1920 times. Hisense hopes the world can see that what rolls on the green field is not only gold, but also China's confidence that is more precious than gold.

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