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"The Most Expensive World Cup in History" Raised A Consumption Boom

Issuing time:2022-12-28 15:52

"The Most Expensive World Cup in History" Raised A Consumption Boom


The World Cup has always been a global sports event with the largest number of spectators, and the number of on-site spectators has maintained a steady upward trend. At the same time, watching the World Cup live on TV, mobile phones and the Internet is still the most mainstream way of watching the game worldwide. As a quadrennial global sports event, the Qatar World Cup has already attracted global brands.

As we all know, the World Cup is one of the most influential sports events in the world and has always been a rare brand marketing opportunity for enterprises. The World Cup, which is held every four years, will be held by Qatar this year.

It is reported that the World Cup will promote retail spending in the Middle East and North Africa. The total value of online retail goods during the festival is expected to reach 8.4 billion dollars, including offline sales. The football season overlaps with the Black Friday on November 25 this year, which is expected to bring up to 70 billion dollars in revenue for the retail industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

Why is the World Cup a good time for brand marketing? Because the World Cup's ability to attract money spans all walks of life, driving the economic growth of a city and even a real country. The football emperor "Becken Bauer once said:" What rolls on the World Cup turf is not football, but gold.

For example, in the 2015-2018 financial cycle, FIFA's total revenue reached 6.421 billion US dollars, of which 83% came from the Russian World Cup; The net profit was 1.201 billion US dollars, 12 times the expected amount. Where the traffic is, the business opportunity is!

Take the tourism industry as an example. Andrew Sinbarres, an economics professor at Smith College in the United States, made the following calculation: Qatar is expected to receive 1.3 million tourists during the World Cup. Assuming that each tourist stays for an average of 4 days and consumes 300 dollars a day, the country will reap about 1.56 billion dollars of host income. However, this figure is only a fraction of the World Cup expenditure, and the economic benefit of 17 billion dollars is not a dream.

At the same time, for China, in the first eight months of 2022, Yiwu exported 9.66 billion toys and 3.82 billion sporting goods. From the flag of the top 32 of the Qatar World Cup to the cheering horns and whistles, from football to jerseys and scarves, to the ornaments and pillows of the World Cup, "Made in Yiwu" accounts for almost 70% of the market share of commodities around the World Cup.

The sports goods of Yiwu International Trade City are also placed in a prominent position. Affected by the World Cup, the supply of related peripheral products, such as football, fan scarves, mugs, whistles, key chains, flags, hats, flags, pendants, jerseys, etc., fell short of demand. Even this year's mascot has been loved by many netizens. The hand-made toy of this World Cup mascot comes from Dongguan, China. From design, 3D modeling, proofing to production, the mascot La'eeb plush toys came from Dongguan's local industrial chain. Chinese manufacturers stood out among more than 30 enterprises in the world, making Dongguan's La'eeb appear in Qatar. In addition, the official authorized limited edition "World Cup" and other important event supplies are also from Dongguan manufacturers.

For the Amazon e-commerce platform, which is on Black Friday, a discount sales festival, the search terms for goods around the World Cup have increased dramatically, promoting the sales development of the platform's holiday retail season. At present, the search keyword on Amazon's official website - the World Cup has a dazzling array of related products. The seller's product selection can be roughly divided into the following two categories:

1. Event products:

Cup with football style, football jersey, popular team logo, etc.

2. Atmosphere products:

Stickers, ornaments and pillows, key chains, wrist straps, whistles and warm keeping items.

The World Cup is one of the most watched top events in the world, and it can be called a golden weapon! However, all sellers should also pay attention not to step on thunder when they are selling. Sports marketing cannot be separated from intellectual property protection.

When the World Cup coincides with the "Black Five", it can be said that Buff is full to rush. You must not miss this rare overseas business opportunity. Zheng He is bound to ride the wind and waves to help Chinese enterprises manufacture to the world. In the wind of the World Cup, more products with Chinese creativity and Chinese design will go to the world, and the world audience will have a new understanding of "Made in China".

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