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ChatGPT Is Popular On The Internet Two Months After Its Launch!

Issuing time:2023-02-15 14:21

ChatGPT Is Popular On The Internet Two Months After Its Launch! E-commerce has been applied


Recently, ChatGPT has quickly become the fastest growing consumer application in history by virtue of its excellent text generation and dialog interaction capabilities. The circle of friends and major media accounts have been swiped by it. On the hot search frequency, topics continue to be discussed. Previously, TikTok had only reached 100 million users in nine months after its launch; Instagram, however, took 30 months to reach the same benchmark. You can imagine how powerful ChatGPT's influence is.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI, which uses advanced natural language processing functions to generate human-like responses and content. It not only has powerful data sets and excellent machine learning algorithms, but also can learn to think through massive data training.

For example, according to the context of the interaction process, we can answer some simple questions of the user fluently, and we can also complete more complex work according to the user's instructions. But it refuses to answer some questions that violate human nature or sensitive information. I have to marvel at the power of OpenAI, which has changed from software business to cloud computing and then to AI. It has kept stepping on the wind. In just a few years, it has grown rapidly and is full of vitality.

So, what can ChatGPT, which is popular throughout the network, do? Strong writing ability, passed the test, and got the offer of Google Level 3 engineer with a salary of 183000 dollars; Passed the final examination of the MBA of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and the postgraduate examination of four courses at the University of Minnesota with B and C+scores respectively; Passed the American Medical Practitioner Qualification Examination; American students wrote papers with ChatGPT and got the highest score in the class; Some people use it to read the financial report. Without spending too much time, ChatGPT can summarize the advantages, disadvantages and prospects of this company for you; With a little hint, you can generate brilliant and elegant words. Now, it is used to write poems, novels, weekly newspapers

It can also translate, write program code, make posters, automatically make data tables, correct grammar and expression errors in articles, and write major events of the week into news summaries, etc. From the answer of ChatGPT, it seems to be omnipotent. If you are not satisfied with the answer, it can also write a variety of versions to choose from. It is obvious that the ChatGPT launched this time is a step higher than the previous generative AI technology. Even because it is too intelligent, it has caused some people's sense of occupational crisis; Even Apple is in a hurry for hot search, and Google marks it as a "red alert" competitor; Several schools in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom have explicitly prohibited students from using ChatGPT to write papers; The major Internet companies are even more testing in the night, and are ready to seize the hot air; All walks of life also focus on ChatGPT.

Even foreign trade enterprises have begun to use ChatGPT to do great things! More importantly, it doesn't even take a minute for ChatGPT to complete these tasks. Of course, ChatGPT does bring a lot of convenience to foreign trade personnel, which can greatly improve work efficiency and gain competitive advantages, but it is not omnipotent. It also has many problems such as factual errors, knowledge blind spots and common sense bias. It also faces the general risks of AI such as the compliance of training data sources, the bias of data use, the generation of false information, copyright disputes and so on. Therefore, we can use it as an auxiliary tool to do some specific operational work, but we can't completely rely on it and give up the ability to think independently.

In short, the global competition in the field of AI big model has become white-hot. ChatGPT may be expected to evolve into a new generation of operating system platform and ecosystem in the future, which will affect the overall pattern of the foreign trade industry, and the competition of foreign trade enterprises will become stronger and stronger. What we need to do now is to seize the opportunity, use ChatGPT to do a good job in foreign trade operations, develop customers for ourselves, and win overseas orders.

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